How Many More?

I wake up on this Tuesday morning and, Lo!  it is the most beautiful day in the history of recorded time.

7:30 on the 15th of July. Listen to Dileas calling siren-like as I drink my coffee on the deck.

7:30 on the 15th of July. Listen to Dileas calling siren-like as I drink my coffee on the deck.

So, how many more days like this will I live through? How many days like this; with gentle offshore wind, with glorious clarity, with  a willing boat, with a warm inviting sea, with a clatter of unexplored islets within reach, will I have the good fortune to exploit?

Gey few, methinks.

Alas, the stern mistress of duty takes me to work where I grumble about conference budgets and stuff, all the while dreaming of the foaming wake.

In the evening, I leave duty behind and as the sun is setting, I take Dileas for a walk.

The breeze is very light and moving away from the mooring is gentle stuff. Once away from the wind shadow of the hill behind my house, the ideal after- a -day -at- work-breeze is revealed.  Under full sail we cruise into the sunset.

No caption

No caption

Dileas is a very fine light wind boat. Not much action on the wind front but she drives us on with gaiety.

Thank you mainsail

Thank you mainsail

After watching the sun go down, watching the terns dance and the flying fish er fly, I head homewards. What wind there is, is against me. Are we downhearted? No!

A long series of tacks brings me close to my mooring buoy. Close, but not reachable and in the end, I flop seal like into the warm sea and  swim over to attach the anchor rope.

On my way home

On my way home

I take down the sails, stow stuff, and make Dileas shipshape.

By now, night has fallen and the stars are there. All tasks done, I swim back in warm water to the prospect of a cold beer.









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2 Responses to How Many More?

  1. ZedMac says:

    isn’t life great?? xxx

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