Off to Tokyo to change Japanese scientific media. Also to exercise my wounded knee.

All change

All change

We eat lunch.



We drink fluids.



I go for a stumble around the Imperial Palace. Mistake really as it is very, very hot and the staples in my knee melt, spilling sinew and cartilage all over the baking tarmac.

Reconstructed old stuff

Reconstructed old stuff

However the real action is in Okinawa where another mega typhoon approacheth. Dileas is in the water. I am legless in Tokyo for 3 days. Oh dear.

However a gallant band go out early in the morning and pull her up into Dead Man’s Gulch where she and little blue boat will be perfectly safe. The gallant band has my eternal gratitude.

Why did the turtle blush? Because she saw Queen Mary's bottom.

Why did the turtle blush?
Because she saw Queen Mary’s bottom.

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3 Responses to Rehabilitation

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Wounded Knee. Isn’t that where the Lakota buried their heart ? Or was that San Francisco ?

  2. I think the Lakota left their hearts in San Francisco. I kept tripping over them.

  3. calder Ian says:

    I hope you cleared up the mess you left in the park. Have you got plenty of tarred twine to repair the wound?

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