One of Those Days

It is the final day of our Board of Governors meeting. This very distinguished group, made up of sages, wise men and women from around the world, meets twice a year to give us counsel. To my bemusement I am allowed to sit down with them. We have had a week of intensity.

Should I reef the mainsail?

Should I reef the mainsail?

There is some strain today as I have to go on an international trip and as usual this catalyses the arrival of a typhoon. My flight from Okinawa to Tokyo was originally on Monday but this coincides with the arrival of the typhoon, resulting in cancelled flights, missed connections and general FUBAR.

I have to get off the island like now.

Naoko spirits up a flight on Friday night post meetings.

I hurtle home to throw stuff in a bag. I am away for a week and so take one pair of jeans, two T shirts, some socks, some underwear, a toothbrush.

It is already blowing hard and there is a muscular chop in the bay. I am very worried about Dileas, who is anchored in front of the house. Friends have agreed to bring her ashore on Saturday morning, for which much thanks, but will she make it through the night in my absence? Boats equal anxiety.

When I get home Dileas has gone. I sprint on one leg to the shore and sure enough she has dragged her anchor for the first time and is now only about 5 meters offshore bucking around on the anchor which thankfully must have held just before she was blown up onto a lee shore. I throw off my suit and plunge into the sea. It is dark, raining and very rough but who cares, the water is delightfully warm. I drag Dileas out to deeper water and put out a second anchor.  Will it be enough? The minutes are ticking away and I have extreme miss that flight anxiety.

Fast forward 4 hours of all the way the paper bag was on my knee, I land at Haneda. Naoko has booked a room in a Cabin hotel. I am trembling with anticipation. The hotel is part of the airport and only paces away from the gate thing from which you emerge. The reception is exactly the same as any high class hotel.

Big spender

Big spender

I am given room Z01 which is a box with a futon, a TV, hi speed internet.

My cabin is on the left

My cabin is on the left

The toilets and showers are down the hall.



A bit like Pocklington

A bit like Pocklington

The door  to the cabin is a slide down screen that does not reach the floor and is not lockable. I understand that this would unnerve most western folks but after years in Japan I know that there is no way that anyone would break in and steal. I snuggle down and sleep like an angel. But is Dileas OK?

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3 Responses to One of Those Days

  1. calder Ian says:

    Every time a cockatoo is mentioned, I think of Humphrey Lyttelton, gone but not forgotten.

  2. I do not remember the exact reference but wild surmise will do.

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