If You Miss This One, You’ll Never Get Another One Bee-dee-dee-dee-bom-bom to San Fernando.

So this is turning into an epic. I have to be in the south of France for 30 minutes on Tuesday morning. I start by changing flights to avoid typhoon heading for Okinawa. I am now in Tokyo in the middle of the typhoon I was escaping from. This morning I head out for the station to catch the Narita Express train to catch my Paris flight. It is still pouring with rain but not windy. I hobble for miles through corridors,tunnels, underpasses and the like.  This is Tokyo so there squillions of other hobblers. I finally find an information desk, “Narita Express wa doko deska?”

“Oh good morning sir, I am terribly sorry that all trains to Narita have been cancelled due to the typhoon.” says impeccably made-up and presented young lady in surprisingly equally impeccable English. What typhoon? It is raining but no wind.

Anyway it turns out that if I go to Nippori there may be trains from there to Narita.

I stand on a platform that has Narita written on it for a while. Nothing happens. I phone Naoko who sends a text in Japanese explaining my problem. This I show to an attendant who says “Hai , Narita starship, platform 15.”  I get there to find signs saying Narita Starship cancelled because of typhoon.

Things are looking bad and even if I get to Narita, what are the chances of the flight taking off?

The cry goes up “Last train to Narita!” I scramble aboard wide eyed and breathless.


actually this is better.


Last train to Narita.

Last train to Narita.

This seems to be a local train and stops at about a million stations but eventually gets to the airport.

I am now in the lounge with lots of others. All flights are either cancelled or delayed except to yes you guessed it Paris! I really am a very lucky person.



The Japanese of course are impeccably calm and smiling throughout this difficulty which would send most nationalities into baying for blood mode.

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2 Responses to If You Miss This One, You’ll Never Get Another One Bee-dee-dee-dee-bom-bom to San Fernando.

  1. ZedMac says:

    HURRAAAAAH indeed!

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    What happened to Lonnie Donegan’s version ? Part of my childhood. I couldn’t find it either so I offer you this classic instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODEShfdxoR0

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