So today we celebrated our 3rd birthday as a real Graduate University. A lot has been achieved and rightly we celebrate with food and acts.

A good omen. These are big - 2 feet across.

A good omen. These are big – 20 feet across.

600 people came to have fun. It poured all morning but just as we were about to start the sun got his hat on. Thanks Naoko.

Born to be wild

Born to be wild. Many thanks to Atsuko, Hyoko and Taisuke.

Under the Bridge

Under the Bridge

Tales of Brave Ulysses

Tales of Brave Ulysses

Tancha Bay I wish you were sake

Tancha Bay I wish you were sake. Thanks Charlie for the photos.

Tancha Bay I Wish You Were Sake


Now Tancha Bay is a beautiful place,
But the price of the sake is grim;
How nice it would be if the sake was free,
And the Bay was filled up to the brim.

Tancha Bay I wish you were sake,
Tancha Bay och-aye!
Tancha Bay I wish you were sake,
I would drink you dry.

I’d buy a yacht with the money I’ve got,
And I’d anchor it out in the bay,
If I wanted a sip I’d go in for a dip,
I’d be swimmin’ by night and by day.

Okinawans all gather there,
They’ve come from low and high
You can see them grin as they’re wading in,
And shouting out “Kampai!”
But what if the boat should overturn,
And drowned in the Bay was I?
You’d hear me shout, you’d hear me call out,
“What a wonderful way to die !”

But what’s this I see, och comin’ for me,
It’s a vision to make your blood freeze;
It’s the police afloat in a dirty great boat;
And they’re shouting: “Time, gentlemen, please!”

Last night

Last night


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  1. calder Ian says:

    Hey – 20 ft butterflies ! Fear and Loathing in Okinawa – some party! Congratulations to OIST.

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