The Sandaled Assassin

You may remember my joy when Cobb swam into view.

Well, moth and rust doth corrupt and after 2 years of Okinawan heat, salt, exposure and constant use, I need another. They are unbuyable in Japan. I am very excited about going to Perth for there I am sure, the Australians having a BBQ culture, I will be able to track one down. The Perthites are very welcoming and ask if they can help with anything. “Where can I buy a Cobb?” I reply.

This not what they were expecting but in no time I have instructions of how to get to Getaway Outdoors in some lost suburb.

Home of Cobb

Home of Cobb

I take the train out into Perth’s wide suburbs. I get out at a lonesome station and hike off towards civilization.

Never tire of the road.

Never tire of the road. A lot of Perth is like this, I think.

After a couple of miles I hit a mall. Perth seems a lot like California.

God bless you Australia.

God bless you Australia. Moan ,moan, moan all we ever hear.

Finally I track down Getaway Outdoors and the genial Pete says, ” Cobb? No worries.” If you substitute Cobb for any other word then you have the Perth reply to any question. I like this.

No worries

No worries

I trek back to the station and thence back to downtown Perth to start the supposed real activity of my visit.

Cobb with Jacaranda

Cobb with Jacaranda. Waiting for a train.

I think you learn more about places through this sort of stuff than by sightseeing.

New lamps for old

New lamps for old

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2 Responses to The Sandaled Assassin

  1. calder Ian says:

    What a great shop! There is a very necessary and important thing on the left, a sort of miniature blast furnace?
    I am certain that I need one, for something.

  2. Yes, it was terrific shop. Huge range of swags, which are Australian mobile homes.

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