Fish Supper

After 2 days of meetings, one in an underground bunker with no windows. I break out into the suburbs of Perth again. I take the number 37 bus to Belmont where there is a session of Irish music at Belvideres.

I get off the bus just in front of a Fish and Chip shop. Yum.

“Fish and Chips, please.”

“What kind of fish would you like?”


“We’ve got, Dhufish, Barramundi, Groper, Snapper, Morwong, Wirrah.”

“No Cod, no Haddock?”

“Where you from, mate?”


” No, we don’t have Jap fish here.”

Fresh Morwong and chips. Truly delicious.

Fresh Barramundi and chips.
Truly delicious.

I then go and play tunes with an excellent fiddler called Maureen. She is about 20 and wears jeans that have more holes than fabric. We play; Five Mile Chase, Traveller, Star of Munster, Foxhunters, Flogging, Rainy Day, Bag of Spuds, Humours of Tulla, Mountain Road, Congress, Wise Maid, Toss the Feathers, Slieve Russell, Blarney Pilgrim, Mug of Brown Ale, Mist Covered Mountain, Glendaruel Highlanders, Cliffs of Moher, Wailing Banshee,  Off to California, Rights of Man and loads more. Very good. I also drink Guinness.

This about sums up my ambition in life.

This about sums up my ambition in life.

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