I have been mulling over the car crash I had in California. I remember well the hurtle towards certain death. I remember the shock of impact and the unearthly silver dust that filled the car. I then remember nothing until I find myself scrambling around in the undergrowth trying to make it back to the road. How I got out of the car, which was severely tilted both on the X and Y axes, I do not know.

All the damage was on the driver's side.

All the damage was on the driver’s side.

I do not have a scratch nor bruise. Nothing even from desperate climb through thorn and shattered trees. Since the accident I generally feel much better. My knee seems to be improving and my leg is much less swollen. I am also aware of a silver dust like aura that surrounds my body.

I feel a lot like this

I feel a lot like this

There can only be one interpretation. I died in the accident and am reincarnated as a God.

I somehow always felt this would happen.

I better put this on my CV.

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3 Responses to Deification

  1. calder Ian says:

    Now that you are divine, can you do something about my athlete’s foot (tinea pedis)?

  2. No problem. Come to Okinawa, always take off shoes and socks inside the house. Wear sandals for 8 months of the year. Spend a lot of time in the sea messing around with boats.
    facio ut facias

  3. ZedMac says:

    holy shit!

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