The Death of Pompey

I remember being told a joke by an elderly South African gentleman.

Two old guys are swapping tales. One says “Lets make up stories that hide the name of a book and the other one has to guess the title.”

“Here goes; A man lived in a valley which was very green and there were lots of cows that ate the grass.”


“How Green Was My Valley,  you fool!”

“Your turn.”

“Well, once I was riding my bike down to the shop and I got a puncture. So I took off the wheel.  Luckily I had a puncture outfit in the little leather pouch under the saddle. So I took out the inner tube but couldn’t see where the hole was. I walked over to the next farm and had a cup of tea. I went back to the bike with a bucket of water and sure enough saw where the hole was from the bubbles. So I roughened up the surface put on the glue and slapped on a patch. It looked OK so I  put everything back together and pumped up the tyre. Just then a car came by and ran over the pump that I had left in the road.”

Long reflection by friend resulting in:

“I give up. What’s the name of the book?”

“The Death of Pompey.”

These things are fantastic!

These things are fantastic!

I don’t know if these things are available in the rest of the world. If not, here is your chance to make a million dollars. They are pumps for car tyres, or bike tyres if you want. You plug them into the power supply, or what used to be called the cigarette lighter, of the car  and attach the pipe to the valve on the tyre.

How cool is that?

How cool is that?

You press the nuclear power button and it inflates the tire to whatever pressure you want. It also has a light show, music and Bluetooth.

Happy trailer. Notice how beautiful the boat is looking.

Happy trailer.
Notice how beautiful the boat is looking.

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2 Responses to The Death of Pompey

  1. Alan says:

    Sadly you’re not going to make a fortune marketing the little wonders here. I’ve had three of the things, the first one some 25+ years ago. Great for inflating all sorts of things including inflatable boats, mattresses, small bouncy castles, paddling pools, bike tyres etc. You’ve got to be careful; I blew up part of a small bouncy castle last year when I walked away for a moment and my current inflator doesn’t have the low-pressure attachment the old ones had! Great little things – mine’s in permanent residence in the back of the car.
    135 kPA – wow! Bit like the old days with lire, such big numbers – my tyres would need 250 of the things to be happy. Prefer to hang around in Bars!
    Boat looks luvverly!

  2. Hang around in Bars! Very good.

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