Just One of Those Days

So Golden Week is the best public holiday concept around. You can start on Wednesday, public holiday, take off Thursday and Friday; then comes the weekend; Monday, Tuesday Wednesday are public holidays; hey, let’s take off Thursday and Friday to meet up with next weekend. 12 straight days of you know.

I do not do this, but one day I will. I still get a lot of days of fun.

Today was just one of those days. As I stumble to the kitchen I notice my flowers are blooming.

Good morning!

Good morning!

I set off in the Scaffie across the lagoon to the coast of Cape Zampa. The weather is ideal. The sea is limpid. The wind is just enough. I anchor on that fatal shore and go underwater. Here is a video that totally inadequately tries to capture the wonders of scuba just down the road apiece from the house. The colors are washed out and the poor little GoPro cannot get  distance. Anyway, watch this videos full screen and at maximum resolution. There is a little icon that looks like a cog in the bottom right corner of the YouTube screen that allows you to set the quality. Hai!!


I dive in one place and then row over to another place where there is a big bank of coral pullulating with brilliantly colored fish, of which the GoPro fails to capture the zing thereof.

I then set off on a run across the lagoon. It takes 15 minutes to get back to the mooring. Oh, if only it had been longer.

I anchor the Scaffie way out in the bay as the tide is really far out.

Can you see her?

Can you see her?

As the sun sets, I set out again.

Check out the cleat that I have screwed onto the tiller. It was a drag having both hands full.

Check out the cleat that I have screwed onto the tiller. It was a drag having both hands full. Now the main sheet is under control.

Red sails in the sunset.

Red sails in the sunset.

Not spectacular but tranquil.

Not spectacular but tranquil.


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3 Responses to Just One of Those Days

  1. calder Ian says:

    Awesome fingering, very crisp. Have you given your 2hp a fair go? I notice that another owner mentions using a 2.

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