Liberal ?

At a time of great work intensity Typhoon Irn Bru comes to call. We are ordered to go home at 2:00 on Thursday. Yippee! Even in my position of minor responsibility, I still exult at the opportunity of going home from school. This typhoon was not expected to be too bad but after spending Thursday at home we get the message that Okinawa is also closed down all day Friday. Yippee! I mean dash, I have so much work to do.

Yes sir!

So it blows like crazy all Thursday night. I watch the Scaffie, who is on the trailer in front of the house. She is rocking and rolling about. I rig a hose and fill her up with water to give her stability.

All day Friday I watch Mel Brooke movies. They are so funny.  They would be impossible to make these days. They are totally incorrect politically and diversity -wise. Although their message is completely liberal. The films talk about ni**ers and ch**s and J**s and make risque jokes, so poor Mel would be hounded out of his job today. Watch them.

History of the world Part 1

History of the world Part 1

Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles

More Blazing Saddles

More Blazing Saddles

It is more difficult to make social change through humor these days. The necessary language brands you as a deviant. Liberal fascism.

It blows and blows all day. All my work plans and deadlines are shot to hell. Probably a good thing.

Here is a movie.

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3 Responses to Liberal ?

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Governor William J. Lepetomane was his name. At least that was a rude joke that most of the American audience would have missed. Passé inaperçu quoi except for us “good at French” types, like you and me.

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    Springtime for H*tler.

  3. shinmaikeru says:

    Thanks for the youtube link, but I could not understand a word, so I turned on Closed Captions using the “CC” button… oh, you must see what happens when speech recognition software is confronted with Scottish.

    And in today’s context, Mel Brooks’ humor certainly seems sexist, like Benny-Hill level sexist, but Blazing Saddles was amazing and revolutionary for the way it confronted racism in America.

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