So, for the last 50 years I have had a skin irritation. It is a fungal thing that I caught in a school swimming pool and have been trying to eradicate ever since. It appears and then scurries off to hide for a few months/years but has never totally like shipped out.

I go to a jolly dermatologist who prescribes an ointment. I go to the Chelsea drug store, next door, to get my prescription filled. It seems to take a rather long time but after a wait, the beaming pharmacienne presents me with a tub of ointment that she has clearly just made up herself.

Home-made, hand-made, artisanal, anti-fungal ointment.  Does this happen in other counties? I am used to having a tube of something called, “Zapfung” slapped onto the counter.  I am charmed to have  home-cooking.



Anyway, I get up and shave and go to work. Big Business is heaving and groaning in his stall. Stuff afoot. I go home and go sailing.

Far out

Far out

This really what it looks like.

This is really what it looks like.

It is pleasant and delightful to go for a sail after work.

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2 Responses to Cream

  1. calderi says:

    seeking treatment for tinea pedis aged 16, elicited “Ive had that since 1934” from our doctor; rather lowering to the spirits. Hope the artisanal works wonders.

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