This blog purports to be about life in Okinawa. So, here is a little cameo of life in Okinawa. It is nearly 2:00 am, I am, at 2:00 am, staring  at my computer screen with wild surmise. My mouth is open, my lips drawn back over my gums and my teeth have become oddly fang-like. I notice that I am howling and slathering.The cicadas and crickets are making a tremendous racket. Geckos dart around the ceiling and walls gobbling creatures lower on the great chain. Scotland have just scored a converted try against Australia.  There are only 5 mins to play.

We are going to win a match that has been immense and, although not given a chance, we  are going to beat a team that many speak of as the favorite to win the competition. It all unrolls before me. We go on to marmalise Argentina  next week and subsequently the All Blacks. Scotland win the World Cup!  I can’t believe it!

I get my prescription filled

I get my prescription filled

I have rarely felt so elated.

The rest as you know is history. We lose in the last minute.

This guy had quite a lot to do with it.

This guy had quite a lot to do with it.

I walk down to the sea and stand silent on a beach in Okinawa.

Does it matter?

Well, yes and no.

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2 Responses to OH!!

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Sympathies, you were robbed (twice, with the “deliberate” knock on -wtf? – and then with that infamous “deliberate” off-side at the finish.

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