Tophatsu Obprobium

We have to get back to Okinawa. The holiday is over. All that lies between us and Okinawa is 40 miles of ocean, which incidentally seems to be in an extremely bad mood. The wind also is pissed off and so blows against us.

We are in the boat at 6:30 and I am confident that, after a night of unflooding, that the mighty Tophatsu will start. Not so. Setting off into the wild East China Sea with no engine is like foolhardy. I have to be at work. I am a long way from work. It is 7:00 in the morning in a tiny, remote harbor in the East China Sea.

We go to the shop from which I bought an expensive-bottle -of -whisky- gift yesterday. I mime an outboard not starting and moan, ” Mechanicu arimaska?” He is on the phone and after two shakes of a lamb’s tail, a truck arrive containing Captain Seisyun and Emi. Seisyun sensei will figure  in the continuation of this narrative.  He first tells us to move the Scaffie to his personal dock. Let it be said that he is a man of the sea. He understands and once safely tied up, tries to start the engine.

Captain Seisyun a ses ouevres

Captain Seisyun a ses ouevres

No start. OK, leave Scaffie in Zamami, take ultra hi speed ferry back to Okinawa, cab back to house, go to work.

I would employ Emi.

I would employ Emi.

However before the ferry leaves we have some time. We repair to Seisyun sensei’s house and drink coffee. He also runs a kind of low key guest house. If you want the real thing in Zamami, go here:

They drive us down to the harbor. By this time we are family. When things go wrong you always have much more fun. The car, boat, plane, plan , which works leads to isolation and no fun. You have to push it.

Emi san and Sakura san take us to the boat. Are n't they beautiful?

Emi san and Sakura san take us to the boat. Are n’t they beautiful?

Scaffie stays in Zamami. Will I ever see her again?

Safe in Seisyun san's berth. Will I ever see her again?

Safe in Seisyun san’s berth.
Will I ever see her again?

So we have to flee from the Keramas. The wind is against. The sea is furious. Discretion is the better part of valor.   Check this video:

Big week at work coming up.

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  1. calderi says:

    “Human life is everywhere a state in which much is to be endured, and little to be enjoyed”

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