So, not much to say in this little text other than this has been a glorious weekend. I have spent it outside. Just wandering around but above all gently nurturing the Scaffie back to top condition. This will be a long job as she has had a hard season. Okinawa for all her beauty, is a stern mistress. She exerts a hard toll on all things material. Spiritual stuff, neither rusts nor corrupts here but everything else does.


Spot the crack. You have to click on all these photos to really understand.

The main focus of the refit is the thwart. This slab of oak holds the mast in place and through it run and cleat the halyards. You will remember that it disappeared over the side some time in the summer.

This event left the thwart with a significant crack across it. I must fashion a new thwart.


Ben’s Shisa watch my every action


It detach the thwart from the Scaffie and disassemble




I go to the wood store. This is the best place. It is full of exotic hardwoods and the boss man and I have had several interesting conversations. I mime, “Please  cut a replacement thwart for the Scaffie from a plank of amazing hardwood.” He gets it instantly. He then lists the different woods he can make it from.  I cry “Oak!” He cries,”Oak! So des, Oak arimas!”  We cry on each others’ shoulders. I cannot wait to see what he comes up with.


It smells wonderful

The weather is perfect. The skies are huge.


Early morning from the deck


Night falls


From the roof terrace

I walk up and down the beach.


My house is the white one.


End of November

I spend a long time watching a pair of Ospreys fish in the bay.


Getting ready for the wild plunge onto insouciant fish

I then blunder around looking for birds.


Blue Rock Thrush


Grey Faced Buzzard as it gets dark


White Wagtail


Ultra rare Eastern Yellow Wagtail. Only comes here from Siberia on package holidays.



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