The city in which I am in also boasts excellent Irish music. I go to a session in a bar called Dora Keogh. There is much academic discussion the the correct pronunciation of Keogh. Is it just ‘key’ or maybe ‘key-yoff’ or then again ‘cough” maybe ‘kay -er’ ?

I say  ‘KO’ but frankly try to avoid saying it at all.


Whose name will not be spoken


The inside of Irish bars look like penitentiary eating spaces.

Anyway  chez Nora hosts one of the great sessions. The night I was there it was 5 fiddles, box, pipes and mandolin things. All the aforementioned playing at the level where mutual congratulation is no longer needed. I played more reels than in the last 6 months in Okinawa.


The fiddler on the right plays with the Chieftains

Such fun.

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