Civet de Jeune Cerf Mariné au Vin Rouge

So, we had a big thing at the university on Sunday. To get in the right frame of mind, I polished some silver.


Polish – no really this stuff actually comes from Poland.

To celebrate the thing, we have a party at the house. The food is incredible but hardly Japanese.  Civet de Cerf au Vin Rouge, Saucisse de Cerf Fume,  Roties d’Agneau, Fondue de Poireaux, Potiron Facon d’Okinawa, Salade de Chou, Plats Divers, Gateau de Fromage, Beignets. Oichi!  Big shout out to Mark and Shizui, probably spelt that wrong, for providing raw material and much help. There are no deer on Okinawa but the meat was not frozen. Work it out.




L’Assistance avec Chien Heureux


C’est Comme Ca



To this favour you must come.


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