Electric Eye

There is a stiff breeze blowing offshore. It is warm and blue, T shirt and shorts weather. It is Sunday. What does that spell?

Yay! A sail up the coast to Seragaki to reconnoitre the amazing rock on which thousands of Roseate and Black Naped Terns nest in the early summer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.46.33 PM

Tern rock is at the top rightish at the entrance to the port

I plan to anchor just off the rock and take the best photos. Today is a trial run as the terns have not yet arrived for their family business.

It is about 15 miles to Seragaki and the Scaffie is inspired. We charge along and get there in under 2 hours. We pass parachute people and plenty of fisher-folk in boats and kayaks.


April 3

Over Tancha Bay, up to Cape Manza, past the big hotel and finally to Seragaki. I sniff around possible anchorages and finally head dear Scaffie home. The sailing is perfect as the wind is fresh and constant. As it is coming offshore, we reach all the way down the coast and I anticipate an even faster passage.


Soon be home

Of course it doesn’t work out like that. As we approach Cape Maeda, the wind begins to fail and soon we are in the awful sail flapping doldrums. I start to row. A little wind peaks over the window sill but fades, so I row again. I do a lot of rowing, which is very good for me, and we finally get home. The first 14 miles of the return take just over an hour. The last mile takes well over an hour. So it goes,  but all in all a fantastic sail.

Here is a bad movie

You Tube tells me that the music is copyrighted in some countries and the inhabitants thereof will hear it not. Hum.

By the way, my pubic bone is spectacularly bruised but photos would be judged inappropriate in some quarters.

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