In the Drink

This is not a confession of alcohol abuse but rather a narrative of boating misadventure. It is windy but more importantly it is very gusty.  The Scaffie is a bit of a handful, healing dramatically when a gust hits. I really should have put in a reef but you know.


Running with strong wind behind, moments before things change rapidly


I am not really paying attention and the wind gets behind the sail which whips over to the other side of the boat. The side I am sitting on. This is called gybing. The combination of my huge mass, the the huge sail,  the huge wind make like that the Scaffie heals far, far over and the sea pours in. Because of the extreme angle I slowly but inevitably flop backwards into the raging ocean. It is actually calm but as I have said extremely windy.


What grace. Notice sea in boat.

I get back in, take down the sail and start bailing for lo the boat is full of water. Once I have got most of the water back where it belongs, I raise the sail again. This is a comedy of errors mainly due to incompetence but compounded by the gusty conditions.


It is amazing how everything gets tangled when you least need it.


Beginning to make sense

I finally get the boat back into working order and we career off.  The Scaffie loves wind and the sailing is  wonderful. The wind is of course coming directly off the land and I beat back and forth making  steady progress back to the mooring. Good adventure.


Home again.

There is a family of clown fish just under where I moor the boat.



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