Saturday morning – I tootle off to the Toya fish market. It is 10 mins from the house.


Cockles and mussels

The market lasts about 15 minutes. I starts at 10:00 and the auctioneer rushes around selling off the various lots to what I assume to be restaurant owners and the like. I try to buy an octopus but am politely told that I am not a member of the club.


Members Only

So I amble over to the shed where sashimi is cut up. I buy 2 red fish that are delicious deep fried and an octopus.


Red fish bottom left.


Totally fresh. I didn’t buy any of these but now wish I had

I also get some of the best fast food in the world: squid and fish tempura, cooked in front of you and put into a nice white paper bag.


50 cents a hit for fresh seafood. Oichi!

Munching tempura, I drive slowly home feeling good. I n a tiny back street I fall upon a newly opened wine store! Okinawa is a good place to live.



I think it is called “Un Deux Trois” but I took the photo from the wrong angle and cannot see the sign.


This hard to believe. Cerdon is an obscure pinkish vin petillant that is produced in small quantities in the Bugey. Drank it some in Geneva days. Now I can get it in Yomitan!

Young couple running the place are wild eyed with enthusiasm and high levels of milk of human kindness. I hope it works for them. I buy a Rioja and a Rose, can’t find accents on Japanese keyboard, de Provence. Quality of life remarkably high. Unfortunately no wind and drizzle-ish.


Orchids in kitchen doing well

P.S.   I forgot to mention that the charming couple lent me an umbrella as it was pouring. I take it back today. As soon as I leave the shop, there is a downpour. Someone wanted me wet.


This French

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2 Responses to Cerdon

  1. Alexander McGillivray says:

    Bugey Cerdon is produced about half an hour from here. Let’s hope that the voyage halfway round the world improves it

  2. Who knows? Maybe the Japanese will take Cerdon to heart thus revitalizing the Bugey economy. I always thought it was a bit like cherry soda with a bit of alcohol.

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