The Cotton is High

So, we have been through the rainy season and without a doubt the Summer has arrived. This weekend has been glorious.


7:30 this morning

I spend all day paying attention to the Scaffie, who I think suspects my clumsy philandering with another boat. We go for a long sail out beyond Cape Zampa. Brilliantly white terns screech as they fish around the boat. By the time I get back to the mooring at lunchtime-ish the tide is far out and I anchor the Scaffie er far out.


Amazing colors

I then go for an afternoon sail.


I put my false teeth in the waterproof bag


Close hauled.

I then go for a sunset sail.


It is gloriously warm


Sunset at sea

In between sailing, I watch the rugby internationals, which someone has kindly posted on YouTube.


Time to watch Australia v England


There is also a full moon

Work tomorrow.

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4 Responses to The Cotton is High

  1. Lew Davidson says:

    Hi Neil, I suspect that bloggers sometimes wonder if people read their posts, so I thought I’d let you know that I have started following yours. I have recently bought a 1980 Scaffie which I’ll be fixing up over time. It is fully functional now, but I’ll be making some improvements. I also have a Nimble 20 which is in great shape, but I expect that the Scaffie will better meet my need for ease of use in the years ahead (I am 69). I went to YouTube to search for Scaffie videos, and I ran across your very enjoyable examples of how you use your Scaffie. I have already learned about some rigging changes which I’ll make based on your videos. I did a search to see what you are doing in Okinawa, and I ran across your interesting blog. You seem to fully enjoy life-keep it up. I’m glad that you didn’t replace the Scaffie, and I hope you’ll post some more videos.
    (I am a semi/retired clinical psychologist in Pensacola, FL, and I only work 2 days per week now, allowing time to do stuff that I enjoy-like sailing!)

  2. Dear Lew
    Thanks so much for writing. It is true that I have no idea who reads the blog and I make no attempt to publicize it. I write it for myself really. However it is always alluring to find out that a complete stranger in Florida is reading.
    The Scaffie is a wonderful boat. She is very strongly built but really shows her pedigree in high seas. She swoops over the waves without a care and I have never felt in danger except of course the ever present danger of my own incompetence. I think her greatest advantage is that you can scramble aboard, put up the mast, hoist the sail and be off in just a couple of minutes. No organization of finding crew and stuff.
    Please let me know if you hav any questions about the boat and good sailing!

    • Lew Davidson says:

      Hey Neil,

      I have a new Scaffie question based on your videos and photos. It appears that you keep your boat on a mooring. What do you do in the event of a big rainstorm? Since the Scaffies are not selfbailing, don’t you run the risk of the boat filling with water and sinking? Short of sinking, I suppose you just bail it out, yes?

      Also, where does your interesting screen name (spikekalashnikov) come from?


      • Hi Lew
        Yep I have a mooring right in front of my house. It dries out at low tide but the Scaffie settles nicely. Yes I have to keep my eye on heavy rainfall and she fills up. I have tried to sink her without success see:
        I think yours is an earlier version and may not be as packed with flotation foam.
        However I do worry about her getting very heavy and so putting a lot of strain on the anchorage rig. So I wander out and bail her frequently.

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