I was very excited going into this weekend. It is Summer, I have tanks, I have boat, I can still manage to haul myself into boat. These are all the ingredients needed for a lot of fun without drowning.



All day Saturday it rains like crazy. Thunderstorms  that bring no wind. I stay inside sulking.


My front room


I have inherited amazing orchid display


Red sky at night

Finally, on Sunday afternoon the weather clears but even so there is little wind. Notwithstanding I slowly reach across Nagahama bay to the Cliffs of Zampa and the best diving in the world.


What can a poor boy do?

I dive.

The video only captures 10% of the amazingness.

I then have a very long sail home. The wind such as it is, blows more or less towards me. I set off on long tacks.  The worst thing about sailing is not high wind and dreadful seas, it is gentle winds blowing against you.  I make very slow progress but frankly who cares? It is a magnificent evening.


A guy on a paddle board overhauls me.

Not quite the weekend I had anticipated but incredible all same.


Tim and his baby Hugo were on the beach with me but somehow I did not take a photo of them. I regret this.

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1 Response to Hugo

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed finally getting to meet you. Looks like we’ll have little to no wind until Friday. I can relate to my surfer son, who has withdrawals when there are no waves for days or weeks on end. That’s how I’m feeling these days as the ocean looks like the doldrums. But low and behold, those winds will blow for us once again in the coming days.


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