My Bitch

I have written about my beach several times but who cares as she is endlessly fascinating. I have not been posting stuff recently as I really have not done much, having been weakened by Beri Beri, Black Monkey Fever, Crimea-Congo Hemorraghic Fever, West Nile Virus and Chikungunya Disease. I have been going to work and then sleeping.

However this weekend I feel I have shaken off the chains of disease and feel quite frisky. On Friday night we have a dinner to say Bye Bye to Jonathan and Renee.



IMG_0891 (1).jpg

We give them an amazing work by Yamada Shinman. This photo in no way does justice.

On Saturday we host a  wonderful concert of traditional Okinawan music and dance performed by the Nomura School. There are several schools of dance on the island and rivalry is intense.

IMG_0893 (2).jpg

You will notice how much closer to the floor the elderly Okinawan gentlemen’s bottoms are to the floor in comparison to mine.

Today being Sunday, I go out to take care of my bitch. She is a wanton, sluttish thing and on Sunday mornings there are always empty bottles and other incriminating evidence.


Bad girl

But I still love her and I carefully remove the blemishes of last night’s fun.


Smudged mascara


Nearly all of this stuff floats over from China. Trump will fix this.

I have a long chat with an elderly Okinawan lady who has been wading around in the shallows collecting shellfish and seaweed. She is worried that I have no woman to look after me.  She promises to find me a beautiful girl to take care of me. Yay!


I even go to the Octopus shop. This will keep me going for the rest of the week.

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2 Responses to My Bitch

  1. James says:

    nice octopus

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