Rudder Part 6

Those of you who are bored with rudder stuff, please switch channels.



Mixing the epoxy is highly technical. It is a 100:1 mix, which means 100 parts epoxy to 1 part hardener. Great precision is needed to get the mix right.

Anyway, it is the most beautiful day as I mix the magic lotion and smear it over the rudder with a sashimi tray, which does the job very well.


Wet epoxy but not for long.

While the epoxy cures, I go to find the Black headed Munia again.


They are happily devastating a field of barley


Scaly breasted Munia discuss mischief


Tatler takes a bath



I go home for the best lunch I have ever had.


Insalata di Pulpo.

Spring is here and suddenly there are butterflies everywhere.


I am very happy


Me too.

Throughout the afternoon I gently work on the mast. I smell the sea. I smell the wind. Sailing season is coming in.


First major sanding and coating with good stuff.

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