Hello Kitty

We are booked to play the Naha Haari Boat Festival, http://www.naha-navi.or.jp.e.ni.hp.transer.com/magazine/2227/  as part of our 2017 tour.

It is incredibly hot.


Sound check. Notice the no shade orientation of the stage.


Our warm up dancers. The young lady kneeling center stage is particularly arresting as she has 3 feet.

We play and the crowd goes wild. Young women sit on their boyfriends’ shoulders waving cigarette lighters.


Violence breaks out in the crowd. Jagger Altamont style we cry, “Cool it!”

It is no good. The Angels that we hired for security are going beserk.


We play on, but we know that this is a turning point in the history of Irish traditional music. The flower power era is over.

18290173_1478371625567677_571566345_o (1).jpg

After the show we party like crazy, happy to have got off that stage alive.

Anyway, on the way home I marvel at the flowers growing wild by the roadside.


Oh Amarillo, what you want my baby for?

Later we have an excellent dinner to mark the beautiful Laura’s departure.


Someone makes a rude smell. Spot the culprit.

Good times.

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