Wandering through a pharmacy looking for goose grease to rub on the boils, I have a very strong madeleine moment.

My mother had a beautiful dressing table. It had a large mirror and a glass surface on which were her silver backed brushes and hand mirror, her jewelry box, and always a beautiful round tin of Nivea cream.

I had not seen one of these tins for decades. I had seen various Nivea products, indeed I bought a big plastic bottle of what I took to be Nivea cream but after rubbing it into my skin for a couple of weeks I was told it was shower lotion.

Anyway there in the pharmacy in Yomitan, Okinawa were tins of the original Nivea cream.


Ageless graphic design.

It made me think of my Mummy.

A Swiss photographer whom I had apparently employed 25 years ago turns up in Okinawa. He takes the usual selfie with his Iphone.


This is what he sends to me. I understand why he is a successful photographer.

This is fun.

It is the start of the plumeria season.


Pink ones


Yellow ones

I will go and dab Nivea cream on the end of my nose.

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1 Response to Madeleine

  1. calderi says:

    Reminds me of Gavaskar being turned away from the Grace Gate at Lord’s.

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