The Longest Day

So I wake up on Wednesday morning and walk down to the sea. I swim out to the Scaffie through  beautifully warm, still water. I rig a third anchor on the boat and then swim slowly back as the sun rises. I get ready and then go down to Naha airport to take a plane to Kansai. I wait 3 hours in Kansai in a totally empty lounge before getting on a flight to San Francisco.


Alone in Osaka

I then have one of the worst flights ever. I am in the very back row of the airplane in low, low cattle. There is then 9 hours of turbulence, which always seems worse at the back of the plane. I hate turbulence and am very miserable. However we finally reach SF and James picks me up in the mighty truck.


It is 10:30 on Wednesday morning.

We go for a long walk along the beach to Fort Funston to look at beach art. It is a tough walk as we have to go up and down cliffs and hills and stuff. I am blowing like a walrus.


Early afternoon by the Pacific, but not the Pacific I am used to.

We go shopping for camping stuff, an occupation which reaches it zenith in the US. Outdoor shops here are bliss. We then meet up with Ben and Courtney and play with Ben’s new motorbike.


Great bike!

We then go for a delicious Iraqi dinner, lots of lamb and mint and yoghourt and humus and stuff.

We are home by 10:00 and it is still Wednesday. Long day.

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2 Responses to The Longest Day

  1. Alan says:

    Good to see Ben and Courtney. She looks nice and the bike’s not bad either. That Iranian meal sounds just great.James should take you on more hikes to bring out your true common seal nature. Have fun.

  2. Just back from trip to look at birdies. California,Oregon,Idaho,Wyoming,Utah,Nevada!

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