Big Breast

So, I think the title of this post is a reasonable translation of Grand Teton. Well, on reflection, teton is probably more accurately translated as nipple. Nipple however sounds ruder.

Grand Teton National Park was where we were headed. We intended to watch Bear, Elk, Caribou, Elk and such.  We were also determined to camp. Grand Teton was actually a big disappointment for after 1000 miles or so on back roads, it it is very civilized with gas stations, stores, lodges and loads of people. The weather turned really bad and we could not see the famous big breasts. We tried very hard to camp.


Nice spot, notice bear box for storing food.


James camps


We wait out the storm in the back of the truck.


Storm gets worse and worse.

We have no waterproof clothes and the idea of cooking outside in driving snow to later crawl soaked into the flatbed of a truck to shiver and freeze through the night is not appealing.


View from campsite. Hit it and quit.

We chicken and head on out to find a Motel.


We finally see the fabled Paps


Breakfast next morning. Pork chop,eggs over easy, hash browns, English muffin, lots of coffee.


Somewhere in Wyoming

We head back to San Francisco down country roads.


Potential road kill


The real thing


Back to the city.

Amazing trip! Thanks James for being such a good traveling companion.


San Francisco 2017


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1 Response to Big Breast

  1. James says:

    Yes a great trip! Good times for sure and one to be remembered.

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