It is Summer in Okinawa. It is hot, the sea is warm and so all things look seaward. About 20 meters from the shore in front of my house there is a family of Clown Fish.


When did you last see your father?

I amazed that they survive. At very low tide they are in scarcely 20 cm of water. Typhoons crash on them but there they are every year. They are my friends.


I know how you feel.

So, to photograph them, I wait for very low tide and then lie in front of their home for hours. It is very pleasant. I have a mask and snorkel. The sun beats on my back as I lie in 50 cms of water.


I love you

Their behavior is indeed clownish. They come out from cover and cavort and pose. Any  suspicions of danger sends them scurrying to safety with shrieks and cries.


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1 Response to Coco

  1. James says:

    Amazing photos. Those clown fish have such good vibes

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