Trailer Trash

I sail out to the diving place just in front of my house. This place is celebrated for having lots of coral replanting projects, tons of Bat Fish and many different species of Clown Fish. It was a sad dive.


This what Bat Fish look like. I did not see any.

The water is incredibly warm. I can feel it boiling the coral.  Last year, there were elaborate structures with different coral species, which seemed to be prospering.

img_2548 (1)

Lion fish amongst lots of healthy coral


Same place today with lots of decay.

I only find one family of Clown Fish.


Where are the others?


Notice the bleachedness of the coral.

I rise to the surface after this rather sad dive to find loads of tourists. Who do they think they are?

Page Calder SLAC shirt 1.jpg

Not tourists but Google boss Larry Page. Just rediscovered this.


Tourists. Get off my lawn!

I am having a hard time tracking down a trailer for my dream boat. On the way back from an abortive attempt to go to the Onna Masuri, I spy the perfect trailer. I try to steal it but it does not er pan out.


Would you go to jail for this?

Anyway, there is a little bit of wind and Harry comes for a sunset sail.


Captain Wilson

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