I wake early and generally scurry around to prepare for the trip. However it is Naoko’s birthday and this cannot be left uncelebrated. I can just squeeze in celebration at work and then limo to airport. Naoko is late so I benefit with amazing breakfast of rice porridge and pickles. There is some pressure. Will I make it to the airport in time?


Maki san is the best

Naoko arrives and we celebrate! The day has just begun.


Glamorous people I work with.

I make it to the airport and head off for Narita.

ANA is the best airline in the world.

IMG_3661 2

Narita snack.

IMG_3668 2.jpg

They have their own sushi chef

I then get on a big airliner and head off East.

The flight is heavenly. The Japanese do service so well.


Matsukawa san welcomes me. 

As I am sneaking out of the toilet towards the end of the trip, the flight attendants gather around me giggling and announce they have a gift for me. There is a card and an exquisitely wrapped something.


It is all hand made with stick on stars and little drawings. The Japanese are so playful.


It is a sake bowl that the ladies have drawn on with felt markers!


Little hearts,  a pagoda and a pretty mountain.

Anyway I get to where I am going. It is 08:00 on Thursday morning.


View from Hotel


I eat

I walk back to the hotel.


It is still Thursday!

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