Scaffie Agonistes

I was wrong to state in the last entry that the storm was over. It has redoubled its efforts and today is very windy and the sea is very angry. Luckily it is Saturday and I sit the live long day watching the Scaffie tugging at her anchor rope.

I went out early this morning to bale her out and check the anchors. Regrettably and unexpectantly, the weather got much worse during the day. At low tide we are Ok because the reef absorbs the anger of the ocean but as the day matures the tide rises and the huge swells sweep over the reef to pay court to my sweet, innocent Scaffie.




She is brave.

DSC_4212 (1)

What can I do?

So, what can I do?  The anchor is dragging. I measure the progress by  laying markers along the seafront. I am too scared to go into the sea to reset the anchors. The tide is super high and I fear I will drown if I go out there.

DSC_4162 (1).jpg

Angry, probably Brexit.

So I sit and wait. Hopefully the wind will abate and with the low tide the seas will moderate. Poor Scaffie, I try to talk to her about her suffering but she is very closed.

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3 Responses to Scaffie Agonistes

  1. Lew Davidson says:

    Neil, I hope that by now you are more comfortable with the fate of your Scaffie. Perhaps the tide is down and the worst of the storm has passed. The photos of the sea state were quite impressive, and you were smart to stay safe onshore. I recently removed my Scaffie from its mooring in anticipation of Hurricane Irma. Happily for Northwest FL Irma’s effects were minimal, although other parts of FL were badly damaged. On a positive note, I certainly enjoyed your musical selections and the YouTube videos-thanks.

    • Hi Lew,
      Happy to hear that you avoided Irma. There is a slipway near my house but on the slightest hint of a typhoon all the fishing and diving boats are taken out of the water leaving no room on the slipway for me to trailer out the Scaffie. This means riding out at anchor. Ouch.

  2. calderi says:


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