Winter in Okinawa

So, we move rapidly towards December. I suppose you could say it is Winter. I have put on very thin woolies on the last two mornings only to have to strip them off by 10:00 because a storm drain of sweat is streaming down my back.

Great excitement as tonight the Kitagama fires its kiln. This is the biggest kiln on the island with I cannot remember how many chambers.


Everyone is very relaxed. Notice that none if the kilns are bricked up.

On the way there, I stop off at Cape Zampa to admire a winter sunset


Amazing! You can see the Keramas in the distance.


Sky, Keramas, Sea.

Firing up the mighty Kitagama is a big deal as it only happens 4 times each year. There is ritual and fun with fire and smoke. I got to know the potters very well and I tell you they are definitely among the chosen.


Inside a kiln


Still loading – long way to go.

I realize that I am way too early for the spectacle. I go to chat with Matsuda Sensei and he says he thinks they might fire it up at 9:00. It is 7:00. I am totally useless at hanging around waiting for things to happen. I want it, and I want it now!

So I go home , but what a lovely evening.

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