Ah Yes

My colleagues organize a farewell BBQ on Saturday, which turns out to be the coldest, and most dreich day of the year.




Teruya san, Arisa, Natori san tend the BBQs


Tina, Naoko, Justin – wonderful people.


Natori san with Kikuta san, for whom I have total respect. I mean both of them. http://www.oist.jp/news-center/videos/ichiro-kikuta-yambaru-byobu-exhibition-painting-forest-full-life


Chinen san, who is a good person, gives me a very fine Japanese flute. I find it difficult to play.


Nagahama san, left, is the Mayor of Onna and a good friend.

Onna gives me a beautiful Awamori flask. I am very touched.


This you tie around your waist and swig from, unless you are driving of course.

We have to move inside cos it is too cold. Now this may not seem a big deal to most of you folks but in Okinawa it is unheard of.


Chinen san plays my flute

DSC07303 (1).jpg

I blubber a bit. There is actually a lot of blubbering all round.


Lots of speeches

A  wonderful video on 7 years at OIST. Thanks Micheal and Natori san.


We all blubber


Kinjo san,  my favorite cleaning lady, gives me amazing orchids. I am humbled by Okinawan generosity.


I play a lament – ‘OIST nae more’

So, I cannot salute the generosity of my colleagues enough for organizing such a wonderful farewell.

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6 Responses to Ah Yes

  1. Lauren Deighton says:

    Ah this is really special, Neil – what an important moment!! Sending love and hugs, when do we get to see you next?? Lauren xxx

  2. Aaaw, I almost feel a blubber coming on too… Great video; looks like your OIST life was entirely made up of birthday parties. Way to go. Hugs and looking forward to seeing you sooooooooon. xxxxx

  3. Alison Drain says:

    Congratulations, Neil San. Come to America, like Eddie Murphy?


  4. calderi says:

    Well there it is – what nice people. I like the look of the Awamori flask, tasteful and practical, just the thing for barbecues or other events where one has to eat standing up. It was clearly an extraordinarily fine do, I like a bit of blubbering, it gives one a thirst.

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