Cosy is not a word that you would normally associate with Okinawa, it being very hot most of the time. This week however has been cold, I mean like a staggering 10 degrees. This has brought out a great enjoyment of living in my new crib-it is cosy.

Moving was hellish. So many boxes, where to put everything, hauling it all up to the 3rd floor, getting rid of empty boxes. I should have employed someone but I am so much enamored of my ‘I haven’t got any money’ frame of mind that it was not possible.


So much to do


The easiest thing to do is to unroll carpets

Anyway after a couple of weeks I am now pretty much installed. I love my new crib. It is just the right size – small but perfectly formed.


From the balcony. That is the sea behind the trees.


Where I live


700 mbps


I love James’ stuff


Where I sleep.

The washing machine works, the shower is hot and the water pressure is intense. All in all a wonderful place to live.


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2 Responses to Cosy

  1. Alan says:

    Like the carpets! Is that an old Apple computer lurking there on the windowsill? Does it still work? Last time I tried Judith’s old one it didn’t want to play. It all looks a very comfortable recovery area from cleaning under the thwarts of the new boat.

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