A very successful day as the boat passed inspection by the Okinawan Harbor authorities. What?!

I think they are basically checking that you have life jackets, a fire extinguisher, a flare and of course a whistle. Any way another hurdle bounded over with the help of Tabata san,

I also have success with the skag. This is a piece of metal that essentially protects the propeller. My skag is very heavily corroded and I worry that it will be a pain to remove, However the retaining bolts loosen easily and a bit of hammering and levering and the skag starts to move.


You do not mess with skag.

I continue to clean in every corner and to treat all the totally dried out woodwork. The weather is beautiful and I thoroughly enjoy myself.


I will find a metal shop that specializes in skag,

So I make a couple of poor IPhone videos more as an archival record than anything else.

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