One of the things I like most about where I now live is a vegetable plot that is just up the road. I have spent many years of my life trying to grow vegetables and I know a maestro when I see one.


It is a tiny plot squeezed in between  nondescript buildings.  Yet it is a masterpiece.


Amazing cabbages

The gardener is an old lady. She squats between the rows, generally weeding and cleaning up. I cannot take a photo of her, it would be too invasive, but we grin at each other.



You cannot grow Daikon in clay. Much of Okinawan soil is clay. Clearly much work has been done to lighten the soil in this tiny plot to allow the white radish to thrive.


Potatoes, praties, tatties. You gardeners will notice that it is January and the potatoes are flowering.

When I am not admiring this vegetable patch, I am sanding, cleaning and treating Kanusha. I gently coax her from destitution to beauty.


Bits of wood before and after sanding.

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