It is the most miserable day of the year. North wind driving in, squalls of rain, I mean the temperature is 11 degrees. This is as bad as Okinawa can get.

Notwithstanding, I go down to the boatyard.


This is what I see

The engine is out. Like a diseased molar, it has been levered out and now lies beside the boat.




What do you think?

This indicates a massive acceleration in the restoration timeline.

Now my decision is;  this engine, although on the surface shoddy, will she be able to  be restored to powerful throb? On the other hand, should I buy a restored version and ship it down from Osaka?

Retirement is so stressful.

People in the street have been asking me why I have been treating my woodwork with sump oil.



Well, all the wood was so dried that sanding it down  to a level where you could have appreciated the beauty of the original teak, would have taken forever.   Forever and maybe a little bit longer, I have gone for the African Blackwood option.

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