Gaudeamus Igitur, Juvenes Dum Sumus

Last Saturday was the first Graduation Ceremony at OIST and it capped my contribution to the university. It was a moving event for me. I came to OIST in January 2011 and there was not much here; a couple of hundred employees, little administrative set up, no rules or regulations,  no students, no accreditation as a university, no communication strategy etc etc; but  huge ambition and energy.

7 years later, we have an extraordinary campus that is expanding rapidly, are recognized as one of the world’s leading research universities , on Saturday we graduated our first class of students.  Yay!

I has been a rare privilege to have been able to contribute. Thank you Japan, thank you Okinawa, thank you all my amazing colleagues at OIST.


Steve Chu


Graduate stuff


Lots of selfie fun

Read Sophie’s excellent story.

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2 Responses to Gaudeamus Igitur, Juvenes Dum Sumus

  1. calderi says:

    An extraordinary story, well done. What a thing.

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