Hard Road

James has to get back to work so we set off early for San Francisco.


In russet mantle clad

This time we are going to take a very difficult track up to Mengel’s Pass, then back down towards Panamint Valley, stopping off at the ranch where Charlie Manson and his ‘family’ were finally arrested.


James nails it.


Bing bang bosh

It is at times a very scary drive as there are big boulders, deep pits, strange cambers, steep hills going up and equally steep hills going down.


Crash bang wallop


We finally make it to Mengel’s Pass


It is very windy on the summit

The trip down to Panamint Valley is equally nail biting.


Photo does not capture the steepness nor the depth of the holes.


Charles Manson was here

We then have an equally difficult drive over the Slate Range on the appropriately named Slate Range Trail, which eventually dumps us near Trona. From there to Bakersfield,  then we hammer up 5 to get home around 8:00.

What a trip! Thank you Tacoma, you earned your off road spurs.

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