I phone Shoken san, who is the boss of the ‘sailing school’  that is, in a very loose way, preparing me for my license. He tells me that I have passed the theoretical written test.

Thank God!

I studied as hard as I could and failure would have been another nail in the coffin.

Tomorrow, there is a practical test, when apparently we all go out on a boat. Shoken san says that there is nothing I can do to prepare, nor to study.  I er trust him.

Things are vaguely moving towards a working boat.


I check out 15 year old sheets and halyards.

I try to polish my pintle!


Brass polish that I got in California. Not much good.

I then install the bottom pintle. This is tricky, as she is bolted through the transom  and I have to fumble through inspection holes in the stern lockers.


Through the hole.

Prior to installing the pintle I use compound and polish on the transom. This is the first time I have used the product and my polisher. It is not successful, as I use too much compound, which is sprayed around as soon as I switch on the polisher.


See splashes of compound everywhere.

I finally get the hang of it and the transom comes up very well. Years of salt, sun, soba, sashimi, etc; are ground off and buffed up.


The bottom pintle is in place.

Sato san comes by with my paint that he has ordered from Yokohama. Sato san is a good man and a very experienced boat painter. I have this wonderful feeling of security that he will guide me through the painting.


Primer, thinners and topcoat.  Yay!

I spend the rest of the day sanding down the top structure in an attempt to remove the major crazing before painting. It is dirty work but generally successful.


Right I have sanded, left I have not.

A very good day and incidentally, it is hot, I am sunburnt.

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