So, I am heartily sick of painting the boat. This morning I finish the 5th coat. The result, is of course  unsatisfactory. To the outsider, it looks wonderful but I only see the tiny runs, dribble, splashes and brush-marks that could have been avoided.

I now only have to do the anti-slip stuff but that can wait a while.

Kiyuna san comes by with the totally restored gear box.


All bearings changed. Kiyuna san ripped them out with his teeth.


The gearbox will outlive me

Tomorrow we will try to start the engine!

Change of subject.

I met  Naoko Matsubara san in 2014 and since we have become friends. She is one of Japan’s leading artists.

She very generously painted a mural for our university.


She is wonderful.

We have a dedication ceremony with lots of high rollers. I think mainly of my engine.



Me, Naoko, Peter, Betty.

I go home and contemplate the amazing sunset season.


Only the beginning.

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1 Response to Matsubara

  1. Tim Hunt says:

    Matsubara gave a great talk about her long journey as an artist, with wonderful illustrations. I missed the opening ceremony which took place the following day.

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