Banana Skins

Banana skins you slip on.

So do you on gloss paint slicked with water. It is therefore necessary to paint cockpit and other surface with special anti-slip paint. This paint has granules in it that creates a surface that is very unslippery. I apply lots with very complex taping. It is fun.




I start to re-install the wood strips.


Strips screwed


All anti-slip finished. 2 coats.

There is something about peeling off masking tape to reveal clean line between white and cream color that gives great satisfaction.

Folks, I started at 9:30, by 2:00, I am suffering from heat exhaustion.

I have to reconsider my working hours. I think I have to sleep on the boat, work the early morning hours then return home to shower, cool off etc. Back to the boatyard in the evening for more work and then sleep on the boat.

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