Trailer Trash

So, I have to move the boat onto an even higher trailer, which Tabata san has miraculously found for me, to enable center plate fun. I need to be able to lower and raise the center plate easily. The plate was previously jammed but now it moves freely. However the cable that raises the plate has to be replaced and the plate itself is grotesquely corroded. I don’t know if that matters that much as I do not think looking good is the premier requisite for a center plate.

Anyway, I have to get the guys to push the boat to the huge hoist, raise her off the trailer, remove trailer, bring in the new higher trailer and dump boat on to it.

This is planned for 9:00 this morning but we get off to a slow start but being Okinawa, no-one cares in the slightest.


I profit from the delay by installing the second set of floor strips in the cockpit.

Suddenly the guys show up and off we go to the hoist.


Ready to go.


Hoisted. Notice descended center plate.

We bring in the high trailer but how to balance and secure the boat onto it is problematic. Basically there is a very good chance that she will topple over one side or the other. It becomes clear, after much good-humored  messing around that we need a long strong plank to support the bow.

Kiyuna san of course knows where one is.


Kiyuna san, Nick and perfect plank in the mighty X-Trail.


Mounted! Check out the center plate. This is the first time I have seen it.

All of this, I mean installing heavy boat high on a totally unsuitable trailer, would have been stopped for safety reasons in most places in the world, but in Okinawa it is all part of the fun.


Is n’t she beautiful ?!

So we then take her back to my slot, dreading that she will crash off the side at every bump.

We make it.


Let me take you higher.


I am not sure what to do with this. Paint it?

Here is a video.

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