I got the bill for my local taxes. It was huge. These taxes used to be deducted from my salary and I never really noticed how high they were. Taxes in Japan are calculated on your previous year’s salary and last year I had a big salary. For local taxes I think that beyond a certain salary level you pay a much higher rate. I agree with this, er in principal. The well paid should pay more than the worse off. The reality comes as a bit of a jolt.

IMG_1366 (1).jpg

It is more than the purchase and total restoration of the Norfolk Gypsy.

I pay in cash at my bank. Why cash ? I do not know. The process was very bizarre. I was asked to withdraw the enormous sum from the ATM machine and then to  hand it over. The bank folks,  who felt my pain, were very sweet.

To re-establish my joy of Okinawa, I take Medium Blue to my local corner shop. They have the most wonderful selection of fresh fish.

IMG_4100 (1).jpg

Medium Blue waits patiently outside.

The fish is all locally caught and is different everyday.  It is also cheap.

IMG_4096 (1).jpg

Worth paying a lot of tax for.

IMG_4097 (1).jpg

The top pack is tonight’s meal

IMG_4099 (1).jpg

The Okinawans cut up their fish in a very strange way.



The best sashimi in the world!


It is also the start of amazing sunset season. This was last night.

So frankly I do not mind paying massive tax bill. The benefits are incomparable. What is more, next year I imagine I will pay little as I have no salary!


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