At this time of year, Okinawa is awash with pineapples. They are small and very sweet.


They cost 100 yen each – nothing.

There are other things in season.


Do you know what they are? Dugong eggs?

It has been a sad day for me, but I go down to the boatyard because another typhoon is coming to call. Everything has to be lashed to something.

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 3.00.57 PM.png

Probably not mega but still strong stuff.

To my delight, the center plate is fully up.


May not mean much to you.

I have almost never seen Kiyuna san working. When does he do it? During the day, he swans around on his Harley telling jokes. I think he only really works at night.


New Center plate winch. I call her Hippo. Thank you Kiyuna san.


Winch cable attached to center plate

It is going to rain like crazy this weekend. I try pitifully to reduce the flooding in the boat.


I have no illusion that this will keep out the water, but at least I tried.





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