I am going to rush through the next two posts as the third is unbelievable.

I set off Sunday morning towards Big Pine to drive the Saline Valley Road. This means crossing the Sierras and then driving way down South on 395. This is always a great trip but this time it is complicated by a heavy snowfall.


Driving up 150

There are flashing signs as early as Sacramento blasting out ” Chain Checks on summit of 150!” I do not have chains but am damned if I am going to buy some, as I am a total cheapskate and have big snow tires and 4 wheel drive on the truck.  I am not one

of the selected to check if I have chains. I have such good luck! The drive is however very freaky as there is much snow, not enough however to worry the truck.


Mono Lake is beautiful. America is so big.

Even 395 has  portions that are snow covered. Such fun.

I arrive at Big Pine after dark and snuggle down in the camper. The furnace is excellent. It is below freezing outside but I am toasty.


Campsite at 7:30


View from Campsite. So cold, I am not used to this.


Different view of the same thing.

Ready for a big day.

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