The Truck Show

I get together with Bebo to chew the Yuletide fat. We have coffee in Cole Valley, which is where, had I $3,000,000, I would like to live.

Bad Bebo Santa.

I then go off to my Boxing Conditioning class at the USF gym.  Long time readers may remember that I took a similar class 8 years ago, which had the all time great name of, “Boxing Boot Camp with Roxie.”

I miss Roxie. She was wonderful.

I am 8 years older with bad knees. The class is a killer but  I have lost 5 kilos. The new instructor is called Christian, not the same ring as Roxie.

Sean, on the left, is one of the guys who rescued me on the Cerro Gordo trail. He does the interview.

So you may remember that I lost my camper on top of a mountain.

Sean interviewed me in situ for his very cool podcast, “The Truck Show.”

On the spot reporting!

Check it out here. Subscribe to the Podcast!

Click  ‘View in Itunes’ on Episode 45. It may take a couple of seconds for the iTunes screen to show. The interview is around 55 mins into the show. Such fun – thanks Sean!

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1 Response to The Truck Show

  1. calderi says:

    They talk real quick over there, perhaps it’s to fend off the gunslingers. Good chaps for sure.

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