Hunting and Meth

After my disappointment on not being able to follow the photography course that I came from Okinawa for, I shake off dull care and head out. I decide to go down to Bosque del Apache anyway, who knows global warming might seriously kick in. I also decide to take the most remote route.

I go Blanding, through Gallup, then back roads take me to Grants and I am now in Socorro. It is the best drive! New Mexico is huge and under 2 foot of snow.

Fantastic views!

The snow has stopped and there is brilliant sunshine. A lot of the road has been lightly cleared and it is slow going over the snowy highway. This suits me fine as I like to watch.

Wo der Teufel bin ich

We stop at Quemado, an old guy there tells me, ” If it wasn’t for the hunting and the Meth, this place would have disappeared years ago.” Yay USA!

Amazing country. Click on these photos.

I am ashamed to say that I have been driven inside by the extreme cold and have spent the last 2 nights in $45 motels. I love these places.

Right on Route 66
Light fitting above bathroom mirror.

Read an article, which has my byline but I did not write, although I was given the opportunity to edit, about my camper falling off.

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