Not what you are wrapped in for the last journey but the wire cable that braces the mast. My boat has two side shrouds and a front shroud, which is actually called a forestay. The correct setting of these shrouds has a major influence on the overall sailing performance of the boat. I have no idea of how to set them up properly. I am floundering.

Nick from New Zealand and Rika from Hokkaido are old friends from the early days of the restoration. They have been away for 6 months as Nick has been racing huge yachts in Thailand. Nick is the real thing. He and Rika sailed their Bristol Channel Cutter to Okinawa from New Zealand and he has been building and racing boats all his life. They arrived back in Ginowan yesterday. Their boat is about 4 boats down from mine. I am so pleased they are back, firstly because they are fun but also because Nick knows everything about sailing boats.

Rika and Nick

The shrouds are attached to the boat by rope lashings. Nick takes one look and says they have to go. He fetches lengths of Dyneema, ultra high tech rope, and sets to .

Rika, Nick with splicing kit. Almost surgical

I stand by and watch as he puts beautiful Brummel Eye Slices on all the shroud fixing ropes.

Brummel Eye Splice
Putting a eye splice onto the new Dyneema bobstay lashing.
Sorting the forestay.

I spend a glorious couple of hours watching Nick tuning all the rigging. The mast now has just the right aft tilt, the shrouds, forestay and bobstay are perfectly adjusted. I am so happy, Thanks Nick, thanks Rika!

He also tunes the jib roller reefing system
Mast with carefully set aft rake.

Just a couple of happy Japan images.

Very official car tax demand!
At the supermarket across the road from the boatyard.
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3 Responses to Shroud

  1. Ian Calder says:

    Marvellous, chust sublime.

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